Whatever the state of the world is today, no one can deny that the automobile has helped the world turn faster. It`s interesting that they still measure engine performance in horse power.

In 1926 GM created Pontiac to accompany their Oakland brand of vehicles (much like GMC and Chevrolet today) and subsequently outsold Oakland which caused Oakland to be dropped by GM in 1932 (perhaps some foreshadowing) For the first part of Pontiac’s life, up til the early 1950’s that is, Pontiac cars were very quiet, well built cars, but not particularly fast.

This problem was remedied in 1955 with the introduction of a 173 horsepower V8 which quickly boosted Pontiac’s sales. Its no coincidence that the words Pontiac and muscle car are often mentioned in the same phrase, the 1965 GTO originated the term. Many would say that Pontiac has designed some ugly automobiles of late.

I would say Pontiac has created some of the most beautiful and elegant designs, with some of the most important breakthroughs in performance.