The Tom Broaddus Award was created to Honor Tom

Every so often a new club member will ask me about the history behind the Tom Broaddus Award that we give out every year. So for those of you who dont know, here`s the story; Tom Broaddus was one of the first members of this club, back when it was the South Texas Pontiac Club Exclusive. Tom was President in 1980,and was always at the club events. He was quite an artist and was well known for his auto-caricatures that were commonly seen in the early newsletters,and are still occasionally seen today. Tom suffered from complications associated with severe diabetes, but continued to be an active member of his club, even after he lost his eye site to the disease. Some of us older members will recall Kirk Robinson letting Tom drive his GTO around the parking lots where we had our meets, with Kirk giving Tom verbal instructions on when to turn or stop. The beer flowed freely at these early meets, and sometimes the activities got a little out of hand, however, Tom was always there, usually having been picked up by Kirk, Mike Anawaty, or Ken Moreno, all founding fathers of this club. Tom passed away in the early 1980`s, and was honored with a full Pontiac funeral procession..